Bhagat Singh

The Complete Writings of Bhagat Singh

This ebook is a collection of the complete writings of Bhagat Singh, an Indian socialist revolutionary whose two acts of dramatic violence against the British in India and execution at age 23 made him a folk hero of the Indian independence movement.

Works included:

The Problem of Punjab's Language and Script
Blood Sprinkled on the Day of Holi Babbar Akalis on the Crucifix
Beware, Ye Bureaucracy
Letter to Shaheed Sukhdev
The Red Pamphlet
Joint Statement of Bhagat Singh and B. K. Dutt in the Assembly Bomb Case
Hunger-strikers' Demands
Letter to I.G. (Prisons), Punjab Mianwali Jail
Message to Punjab Students' Conference
Letter to Sukhdev Regarding Suicide
Reasons for Refusing to Attend the Court
Telegram on Lenin's Death Anniversary
Hunger-Strikers' Demands Reiterated
Regarding the LCC Ordinance
Letter to Jaidev Gupta
Justice Hilton Must Also Go Letter to Father
Why I am an atheist?
Letter to B. K. Dutt
To Young Political Workers
Regarding Line of Defence In Hari Kishan's Case
Last Petition
Introduction to Dreamland
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