Amos Oz

The Slopes of Lebanon

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The celebrated author and peace activist addresses the war in Lebanon and the deep political divides within Israel in these articles and essays.
As well as being one of Israel’s preeminent writers of fiction, Amos Oz was one of the first Israeli voices of conscience to advocate the creation of a Palestinian state. Through his forcefully argued speeches, articles and essays, he was a leading figure of the Peace Now movement since 1977. This superb collection of political writings from 1982 to 1988 showcases Oz’s eloquent insight into the controversies of the time.
In The Slopes of Lebanon, Oz discusses Israel’s offensive into Lebanon; fanaticism of all stripes; the PLO; Israeli terrorism; the new militarism and the growing intolerance toward the Arab population in Israel; Jewish attitudes toward the Holocaust, and its misappropriation by the right and left alike; Claude Lanzmann’s film Shoah; the dream of Zionism and its failures; and much more.
“An interesting, troubling, embittered, passionate, almost — but not quite — disheartened book.” —The New York Times
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