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Lawrence Lessig

The Future Of Ideas

  • Dasha Sitnikovaalıntı yaptı9 yıl önce
    This confusion is leading us to change the environment in ways that will change the prosperity.
  • Kimalıntı yaptı9 ay önce
    Power runs with ideas that only the crazy would draw into doubt. The “taken for granted” is the test of sanity; “what everyone knows” is the line between us and them.
  • Verónicaalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
    Plasticity—the ability of a system to evolve easily in a number of ways—is optimal in a world of uncertainty.
  • b4632949049alıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
    en years ago,” Guggenheim explains, “if incidental artwork . . . was recognized by a common person,” then you would have to clear its copyright. Today, things are very different. Now “if any piece of artwork is recognizable by anybody . . . then you have to clear the rights of that and pay” to use the work. “[A]lmost every piece of artwork, any piece of furniture, or sculpture, has to be cleared before you can use it.”1
  • jullileto8654333alıntı yaptı9 yıl önce
    Shapiro saw good and bad in both futures. Too much dis-intermediation, he warned, would interfere with collective governance; some balance was needed. But likewise, efforts to rearchitect the Net to reenable control
  • Elmira Kakabayevaalıntı yaptı9 yıl önce
    marketplace is not a proxy for every domain of social power.
  • Elmira Kakabayevaalıntı yaptı9 yıl önce
    An open code platform keeps a platform honest. And honest, neutral platforms build trust in developers.
  • Elmira Kakabayevaalıntı yaptı9 yıl önce
    And so, from sources unnamed, Baran secured a copy of AT&T's plans—the blueprints for the telecommunications system of the United States.
  • Elmira Kakabayevaalıntı yaptı9 yıl önce
    For much of the twentieth century, it was essentially illegal even to experiment with the telephone system. It was a crime to attach a device to the telephone system that AT&T didn't build or expressly authorize.
  • Elise Lianalıntı yaptı5 gün önce
    “free, not in the sense of free beer, but free in the sense of free speech.”1
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