Sherman L

Something in the Air

What if Cupid hits you when you least expect it? Perhaps you are sensing that it is precisely what is happening, but your mind convinces you otherwise.

In this novella, our leading couple runs into each other in a hotel in New York right before Christmas. They give into one night of lust and hold back on the promises of more. Can they part this quickly when the chemical reaction has already started?

”How could another person affect me this way and we hadn't even known each other 24 hours? I sighed and enjoyed being this relaxed in his company without any expectations of more than this.”

“My mood wasn't the best. I reached for my phone, opened the Facebook app and found Emily's profile again. Go ahead and call me a stalker, but I couldn't help myself. We hadn't exchanged phone numbers and weren't so-called “friends.” The morning after had been rushed, and neither of us had taken the step to talk about a possible future.”
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