Liz Lochhead

The Colour of Black and White

The celebrated Scottish poet presents a collection of poems from the intimate to the bawdy—paired with original linocut artwork by Willie Rodger.
Liz Lochhead is one of Scotland’s most beloved contemporary poets. In this wide-ranging collection, she offers poems of love, death and iconic figures; Jungian archetypes who often speak in their own voices. There are also poems set in her native Lanarkshire; poems dedicated to other poets; and a section of “unrespectable” poetry—rude verses, rhyming toasts, and music hall monologues.
The collaboration with the printmaker Willie Rodger was also an essential part of the making of this book. Lochhead, long an admirer of Rodger’s work, felt that he was a kindred spirit. His poetically pared down and essential linocuts accentuate the positive and the negative, the black and the white.
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