Peter Lynch

One Up on Wall Street

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    It’s simple to keep track of insider purchases. Every time an officer or a director buys or sells shares, he or she has to declare it on Form 4 and send the form to the Securities and Exchange Commission advising them of the fact. Several newsletter services, including Vicker’s Weekly Insider Report and The Insiders, keep track of these filings. Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Investor’s Daily also carry the information
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    Data on institutional ownership are available from the following sources: Vicker’s Institutional Holdings Guide, Nelson’s Directory of Investment Research, and the Spectrum Surveys, a publication of CDA Investment Technologies.
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    ometime in the next month, year, or three years, the market will decline sharply.
    • Market declines are great opportunities to buy stocks in companies you like. Corrections—Wall Street’s definition of going down a lot—push outstanding companies to bargain prices.
    • Trying to predict the direction of the market over one year, or even two years, is impossible.
    • To come out ahead you don’t have to be right all the time, or even a majority of the time.
    • The biggest winners are surprises to me, and takeovers are even more surprising. It takes years, not months, to produce big results.
    • Different categories of stocks have different risks and rewards.
    • You can make serious money by compounding a series of 20–30 percent gains in stalwarts.
    • Stock prices often move in opposite directions from the fundamentals but long term, the direction and sustainability of profits will prevail.
    • Just because a company is doing poorly doesn’t mean it can’t do worse.

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