Ben Robinson

How To Become And Stay Motivated

You’re about to discover how to get yourself more motivated than ever before, and maintain this motivation up until you see your goals and dreams achieved!
This book covers what causes you to be motivated, and the essential things you must do to maintain this motivation for as long as it takes!
Many times we get motivated for a task or goal, but we burn out or lose focus before it's achieved. This guide will explain to you what it takes to maintain steady motivation throughout the process of working towards a goal!
With the help of this book you will be able to stay more focused, be more motivated, and ultimately achieve more in less time!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

What you need to know about motivation
How to get motivated in the first place
The challenges to motivation
Overcoming obstacles
Gaining momentum
Sustaining your motivation for the long term
Much, much more!
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    Sanja Stojanovićalıntı yaptı3 ay önce
    Keeping good company

    Don’t get tired of reading about this because there are such things as motivation by groups and motivation within groups. Motivation by groups involves hanging around people who encourage us to pursue our goals.
    Sanja Stojanovićalıntı yaptı3 ay önce
    Make mistakes

    The concept of motivation also works in learning from our mistakes. For example, if we discover that one distraction of our ability to pursue our goal in improving our study habits is our tendency to spend more time in social procrastination networks, then we’ll learn from that experience and will become more motivated by cutting down time on social media.
    Sanja Stojanovićalıntı yaptı3 ay önce
    Eat right

    Healthy foods help us condition the mind and prep the body for optimum performance.

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