Alan Conor

Body Language

This book will show you how to use body language to create fruitful relationships and achieve success in life!

Whether it is about building confidence, identifying lies, appearing approachable or reading the body language of others to refine your own approach in such a manner that you achieve a congruence of thoughts and get acceptance, body language is a concept and technique that can be used to human benefits in more ways than one.

You can be an expert too with little practice and champion the art of putting your best foot forward and gain maximum out of your associations.

This is your own power to read minds and if you do it right, every single human on this earth will be an open book for you.

This book will help you understand non-verbal correspondence, and will help you get the chance to be more aware of how you talk with your body in your day-to-day life.

While this book is by no means, exhaustive, it is an unfathomable course for you to make sense of how to use your body language to your advantage in particular circumstances.

Here are just a few points Of What You'll Learn…

•History of Body Language

•Misinterpretations Surrounding Body Language

•Types of Body Languages

•Facial Expressions

•Micro Expressions

•How to identify lies

•How to project a Confident Body Language

and much more!

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