Ace Anthony

A Peaceful Summer

The summer of 1939, the last summer of peace before World War II. Helmut Krauss, a young German pianist, returns home after completing his education in Britain, only to discover that his mother has become an ardent supporter of Hitler. Far from sharing his mother’s enthusiasm, Helmut applies for an American visa, but Frau Krauss doesn’t give up easily – she believes that her talented son and German Reich are made for each other…
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    Anna Avdeevaalıntı yaptı7 yıl önce
    Good old days in Leipzig. Frank was at the conservatoire at that time; Helmut was a small boy, spoilt, ill-bred, but distinctly talented.
    Anna Avdeevaalıntı yaptı7 yıl önce
    Now that he knew the ultimate purpose of his journey – to play music – he almost fainted and could barely move his legs.
    Anna Avdeevaalıntı yaptı7 yıl önce
    In the cheerful family scene he stuck out like a guest on a reluctant courtesy visit.
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