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Stepdaddy's Horny Virgins #2

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These three horny teen virgins want to be taken hard, fast and unprotected! You’ll bust a nut as they seduce--and are seduced by--their seriously built stepfathers and stepbrothers. Whether you like it outdoors or in private, the sizzling erotic action in Stepdaddy’s Seductive Virgin, Stepdaddy’s Teasing Virgin, and Stepdaddy’s Frightened Virgin just can’t be beat!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Stepdaddy’s Seductive Virgin:

Sabrina is the most stunningly beautiful girl Tom has ever seen, and his lust for her is overpowering. There’s just one little problem…she’s also his sexy teenage stepdaughter! But Sabrina has been hiding a secret of her own. She wants her seriously built stepdaddy to be her first and only lover, and she’s not going to stop seducing him until he gives in!

Stepdaddy’s Teasing Virgin:

Sassy has always been fascinated by men. Everything about them makes her horny! Cody and Jason are the sexiest men she knows, and she wants one of them—either of them—to be her first lover. Now she finally has her chance to make her wildest dreams come true. Who will be the lucky man to bang Stepdaddy’s Teasing Virgin…Cody, Jason, or both of them at once?

Stepdaddy’s Frightened Virgin:

Olivia has been plagued with nightmares all her life, and only snuggling in her parents’ bed makes her feel safe. But after her mother died, her stepfather told her she needed to grow up and deal with her nightmares like an adult.

She really has tried…

Until the magical night she catches him masturbating in the living room, and discovers a new way to make all her bad dreams go away forever!

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Boruma Publishing
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    Eryn Lasgalen
    • 7
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