Ikigai, Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia


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Bring meaning and joy to all your days with this internationally bestselling guide to the Japanese concept of ikigai—the happiness of always being busy—as revealed by the daily habits of the world's longest-living people.
«If hygge is the art of doing nothing, ikigai is the art of doing something—and doing it with supreme focus and joy.» —New York Post
“Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years.” —Japanese proverb
According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai—a reason for living. And according to the residents of the Japanese village with the world's longest-living people, finding it is the key to a happier and longer life. Having a strong sense of ikigai—the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect—means that each day is infused with meaning. It's the reason we get up in the morning. It's also the reason many…
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Xuraman Memmedova
Xuraman Memmedovabir izlenim paylaşıldı8 ay önce
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qalbibir izlenim paylaşıldı4 ay önce
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Very refreshing one, one of the best book I read on 2019

Erhan İpekçiler
Erhan İpekçilerbir izlenim paylaşıldı2 yıl önce
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🌴Plaj Kitabı

It was OK. It tells Nothing new actually. Everybody knows that but difficult to take action .
Readeble when you have free times.

Nurafi Razna Suhaima
Nurafi Razna Suhaimaalıntı yaptıgeçen ay
“the happiness of always being busy,”
Nandaalıntı yaptı2 ay önce
our ikigai is the reason we get up in the morning.
Bialıntı yaptı2 ay önce
This Japanese concept, which translates roughly as “the happiness of always being busy,” is like logotherapy, but it goes a step beyond.
van, thebookishome
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Mariz, Xuraman Memmedova
Xuraman Memmedova
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Self-Improvement, Seitendo
2020, Irma Hanafi
Irma Hanafi
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finding purposes;, roses
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