Angela Goodnight

Autumn of Love: A Young Girl's Erotic and Sexually Explicit True Love Story Set in Nineteen Sixties' England

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This is a rewrite of 'Teenage Erotica', but for the Romance market. In the late sixties Angela Goodnight was studying at a school on the south coast of England for university entrance.
A virgin, this story deals with the wonderfully exciting weeks of discovering young love, sex and the loss of her virginity with a classmate she loves to this day. Teenagers were much more innocent in the sixties and what little most knew about sex was from biology – the facts, and Smut One – distorted facts!
Those incredible weeks of discovery came to an end as events separated her from her love prior to college and university, but in 2010 she discovered him again through facebook and, with his permission and help, decided to write about that wonderful autumn of love they both experienced.
Angela hopes it will rekindle the memories of your own early fumbling encounters and that heady time when innocence and virginity are gone forever.
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