Vonda McIntyre

The Starfarers Series Books 1–2

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The first two books in “the most important series in science fiction” from the New York Times–bestselling author of Dreamsnake (Ursula K. Le Guin, author of the Earthsea series).
The Starfarer is a self-sufficient spaceship with a functioning ecosystem, able to navigate from one star system to another via cosmic string, and it is about to embark on a deep space expedition in search of alien contact. Its global crew has come together in the spirit of cooperation and scientific advancement. But Earth struggles with anti-science and anti-technology factions, and there are those who want to turn the Starfarer into a military base. One of them is on board. And he will stop at nothing—including sabotage—to enforce his agenda . . .
After the crew members of the Starfarer hijack their own ship, they intercept an alien message and attempt to decipher its complex patterns. It could be an introduction, a warning, or a trap. In Tau Ceti, the first star system humans have ever visited, they discover worlds possessing life but no higher forms of intelligence. And with a saboteur still in their midst, tensions rise as the ship and its team hurtle toward a meeting more than three millennia in the making . . .
Praise for the Starfarers Series
“McIntyre is a master SF stylist, creating well-rounded, believable and distinctive characters, and she excels at lush descriptions that allow the reader to visualize the action.” —Publishers Weekly
“The series features a diverse cast, especially for its 1989 debut date, and a series of interstellar hijinks, the likes of which only McIntyre could conjure.” —Tor.com
“A fine novel of adventure.” —Greg Bear on Starfarers
“The most exciting and satisfying science fiction I have read this year.” —Ursula K. Le Guin on Metaphase
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