John Johnson

Every Night & Every Morn

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EVERY NIGHT & EVERY MORN: Portraits of Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, African American, and Native American Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor from the Civil War to the War on Terror (2nd Edition is the first and only book that identifies and profiles all known persons of color as well as religious and gender minorities that received the Congressional medal of Honor, our country's highest award for military valor. Contained in the book are portraits or profiles of 87 African Americans, 42 Hispanics, 33 Asian/Pacific islanders, 24 Native Americans, 18 Jews, and one woman. Due to social and historical factors little is known of minority recipients of the Medal of Honor. This book's main purpose is to recognize and finally pay much belated honor and homage to these invisible heroes.

The book's organization includes an overview and history of the Medal of Honor and individual profiles of each of the over 200 Medal of Honor recipients. Each recipient's profile consists of a photograph (if available and most were), biographical and summary of the recipient's military history, actual citation which describes the action for which the medal of Honor was given, and an epilogue which provides any available personal information about the recipient.

The book is ideal for military history buffs, young adults, and current and former military personnel.
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