Morgan Rice

A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

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    lending the light
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    “Does this mean I can join the King’s Legion
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    Your destiny was already written. But it is up to you to choose it
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    Thor heard a screech and turned to see Estopheles perched on a rock, just a foot away. The large bird looked right at him and screeched, again and again.
    The sound sent a chill up Thor’s spine. It was the same screech from his dream, and at that moment he knew, with every ounce of his body, that the dream had been a message.
    The King was going to be poisoned
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    You have not even begun to understand your powers. But you will. One day. Once you understand where you are from.”
    “Where I’m from?” Thor asked, confused.
    “Your mother’s home. Far from here. Beyond the Canyon, on the outer reaches of the Wilds. There is a castle, high up in the sky. It sits alone on a cliff, and to reach it, you walk along a winding stone road. It is a magical road—like ascending into the sky itself. It is a place of profound power. That is where you hail from. Until you reach that place, you will never fully understand. Once you do, all your questions will be answered.”
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    “Where did you come from?” she asked, softly, smiling.
    He smiled back. He did not know how to answer.
    “I’m just a regular boy,” he said.
    She shook her head and smiled.
    “No you are not. I can sense it. I suspect you are far, far more than that.”
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    Thor looked at Reece.
    “Please, I don’t want anyone to know.”
    Reece smiled.
    “I’m sure she does not either. If my mother found out, she would kill you both. She would lock my sister in her room, and exile you to the southern end of the kingdom.”
    Thor gulped at the thought of it.
    “Really?” he asked
    Reece nodded back.
    “She doesn’t like you. I don’t know why, but her mind is set. Go quickly, and don’t tell a soul. And don’t worry,” he said, clasping his hand. “I won’t either.”
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    It was then he realized the bird was a message—that his dream had been more than a dream. That something was wrong. He could feel it, a slight vibration in his back, running up his arms.
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    “You’ve already managed to make some powerful enemies at Court,” he said, an amused smile on his face. “As many enemies as you have friends, it seems.”
    Thor reddened, shamed.
    “I don’t know how, sire. I didn’t intend to.”
    “Enemies are not gained by intentions. They are often gained by envy. You have managed to create a great deal of it. That is not necessarily a bad thing.
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    “Your father, maybe?” the man asked, his eyes lighting in recognition. “Yes, that must be it, mustn’t it? You were passed over. Your father. You aim to kill your father.”
    Gareth had had enough. Without hesitating, he stepped forward, pulled a small dagger from inside his cloak, and plunged it into the man’s chest. The man gasped
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    Listen to me,” she hissed. “I’m only going to say this once. Stay away from that boy. Do you hear me? I don’t want you anywhere near him, under any circumstance.”
    Gwen was horrified.
    “But why? He’s a hero.”
    “He is not one of us,” her mother answered. “Despite what your father might think. I want you to keep away from him. Do you hear me? Vow to me. Vow to me right now.”
    “I will not vow,” Gwen said, yanking her arm away from her mother’s too-strong grip
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    . He looked up at the King, saw the love in his eyes, the adoration and acceptance. He had never felt the love of a father figure in his life. And now here he was, loved not just by a man, but by the King, no less. In one day, his world had changed. He only prayed that all of this was real
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    The prince stood his ground, frowning, looking as if he’d bitten into something rotten as he examined Thor. Thor did not like him at all. There was something he did not trust about him, with his lean, unkind features and eyes which never stopped darting
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    he imagined ways he could take revenge, ways he could get the kingship after all. He could not just sit idly by, that was for certain. He could not let the kingship go to his younger sister
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    It was not his problem. If his sister was happy, let her be married off. It was just one less sibling to have around that might stand in his way to the throne. In fact, the farther away she was, the better
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    We shall be partners for life!” He looked at Thor meaningfully as he shook his hand. “And friends, too. I can sense it.”
    As Thor shook his hand, he couldn’t help but feel that he was making a lifelong friend
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    “I admire your spirit, boy,” the knight continued. “Before we cast you away, I would like to see what you can do.”
    “But Kendrick, we have our rules—” the general said, clearly displeased.
    “The royal family makes the rules,” Kendrick answered sternly, “and the Legion answers to the royal family.”
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    Thor looked up, in awe at the knight’s presence. He was in his twenties, tall, with broad shoulders, a square jaw, and brown, well-kept hair. Thor liked him immediately. His first-rate armor, chainmail made of polished silver, was covered with royal markings: the falcon emblem of the MacGil family. Thor’s throat went dry: he was standing before a member of the royal family. He could hardly believe
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    What he did judge him for was his evil, scheming nature, which was something he could not overlook
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    Thor had no choice; this man would just not leave him be. He placed another stone in his sling and hurled it. He aimed deliberately—he did not want to kill the guard, but he had to stop him. So instead of aiming for his heart, nose, eye, or head, Thor aimed for the one place he knew would stop him, but not kill him.
    Between the guard’s legs.
    He let the stone fly—not at full strength, but enough to put the man down.
    It was a perfect strike.
    The guard keeled over, dropping his sword, grabbing his groin as he collapsed to the ground and curled up in a ball
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