The Chakra Book, Osho

The Chakra Book

A comprehensive and in-depth discussion of thehuman energy centers known as chakras. Thebook offers a unique understanding of how thesecenters, also referred to as “subtle bodies” can beidentified and experienced, along with how theyare related to personal transformation and health.In this volume, Osho gives an overview of theEastern science of the subtle energy centers inthe human body that are sometimes known as“chakras.” It is a science that underlies traditionalChinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and the practiceof kundalini yoga, among other disciplinesthat recognize the deep connection between mindand body. Osho also shows how these same principlesapply to human psychological growth andmaturation, and the evolution of consciousness.Self-help, Spirituality, Psychology, Meditation,Esoteric, New Age, Health, Yoga. The title willespecially of interest to the large group of peopleinvolved with Yoga, as the book describes in simpleterms, using everyday experiences as examples,what underlies the Kundalini Yoga approach to thehuman energy system.The Chakra Book delivers the ‘esoteric science’and understanding in the context of personalgrowth and transformation.
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sandiemonicaalıntı yaptı2 ay önce
Certainly he proved one fact: that your psychology, your mind, your body, are impressed by the vibrations in which you live.
Chanthipapha Sopanaphimon
Chanthipapha Sopanaphimonalıntı yaptı7 ay önce
In fact, man’s life should not be divided into childhood, youth, old age – that is not very scientific because every seven years a new age, a new step is taken.
Paulina Grožnikaitė
Paulina Grožnikaitėalıntı yaptıgeçen yıl
Those friends remain friends forever; it was such a deep tie. You will become friendly with people but it will remain acquaintance, not that deep phenomenon that happened between the seventh and the fourteenth year.

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