Arise Sir David Beckham, Gwen Russell
Gwen Russell

Arise Sir David Beckham

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HE'S HUNG UP HIS BOOTS AND NOW A KNIGHTHOOD BECKONS. THIS IS THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF DAVID BECKHAM – FOOTBALLER, FASHION ICON, ENTREPRENEUR AND PROBABLY THE MOST FAMOUS MAN IN THE WORLD.David Beckham is Britain's best loved sporting son. His dazzling career has seen him win domestic league titles in four countries, making his trophy cabinet one of the most impressive in modern football. Awarded an OBE in 2003, the journey Beckham has taken is scarcely believable. His iconic goals live on in the memory, from the way he announced himself to the world as Manchester United's golden boy by scoring from inside his own half, to the spectacular injury-time free kick against Greece which secured England's 2002 World Cup qualification.But at the heart of public affection for 'Golden Balls', there is more than just an appreciation of his football skills. An ambassador for UNICEF, Beckham was instrumental in promoting London's 2012 Olympic Games bid and his starring role in the opening ceremony was a fitting reward for tireless hard work. Moreover, he pledged his entire 2013 salary from Paris Saint-Germain to a children's charity.Now that he has finally retired from football, the time is right to tell the definitive story of the ultimate East End boy made good. This is the inspiring account of how David Beckham – sports star, global icon and loving family man – has taken the world by storm.
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