Michael Dobbs

The Touch of Innocents

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It is always the innocent who suffer to make the powerful rich.A gripping thriller from the author of the Goodfellowe Series.
Paul Deveraux
is one of the most powerful politicians in the country.
Isadora Dean
is the rising star of television news journalism.
Two exceptionally talented, successful people brought in to dangerous conflict.
Izzy cannot accept the death of her baby daughter Bella. Stubborn and at times irrational, her belief that her daughter is alive leads her to the sordid truth — an international black market where babies are sold for cash. Behind this horrific truth, Isadora detects the sinister hand of Devereux.
She is just one woman against the world.The search for her daughter will cost her everything, but as long as she believes that Bella is alive she will never surrender and Paul Devereux must use every means in his power to make sure she is silenced for good.
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    Михаил Сотниковalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
    bit, where she always felt a tug of excitement even though she’d read it a hundred – well, possibly a dozen times, when the balloon is about to smash into the African mountain top and plunge the great adventure to disaster and death
    Михаил Сотниковalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
    Waiting on the sandy beach outside Mogadishu as the execution by machine gun of two army deserters was held up, even as they stood blindfolded and bound tight against empty oil drums, trousers fouled. Held up, not by God or a quixotic judge, but by a BBC cameraman while he changed his clapped-out battery.
    Михаил Сотниковalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
    She had come to restock the vending machines, wheezing as she crossed the room, pausing only to take a long pull at her cigarillo. Her jaw dropped like a fish as she gulped for breath before taking yet another pull.
    Wheeze, gasp, puff, jangle, wheeze; the sounds punctuated her slow progress.

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