The Second Chance Café in Carlton Square, Lilly Bartlett, Michele Gorman
Lilly Bartlett,Michele Gorman

The Second Chance Café in Carlton Square

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A feel-good story that’s as scrumptious as your favourite slice of cake!
Emma’s new café will be perfect, with its gorgeous strings of vintage bunting, mouth-wateringly gooey cakes, comforting pots of tea and quirky customers who think of each other as friends.
It’s a long road to get there, but as her business fills with freelancing hipsters, stroppy teens, new mums and old neighbourhood residents, Emma realises that they’re not the only ones getting a second chance. She is too.
But when someone commits bloomicide on their window boxes, their milk starts disappearing and their cake orders are mysteriously cancelled, it becomes clear that someone is determined to close them down.
{"em"=>["Will the café be their second chance after all?"]}
{"em"=>[{"strong"=>["A deliciously laugh-out-loud story about friendship, second chances and surviving parenthood, perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Holly Martin."]}]}
{"strong"=>["Praise for Lilly Bartlett:"]}
‘Fun, flirtatious and fresh’ Alex Brown, bestselling author The Secret of Orchard Cottage
‘Warm, witty, and wonderful — the perfect rom com’ Debbie Johnson, bestselling author of Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe
‘I loved the humour, the settings, the quirkiness, and ALL the characters’ Jane Linfoot, bestselling author of The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea ‘Absolutely wonderful romantic comedy that is guaranteed to lift your spirits’ Rachel’s Random Reads
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