Parthenium Weed, Michael Day, Muhammad Ali, Adusumilli Narayana Rao, Alec McClay, Ali Ahsan Bajwa, Amalia Belgeri, Andrew McConnachie, Bharat B. Shrestha, Boyang Shi, IanA.W. Macdonald, Lorrain, Naeem Khan, Nimal Chandrasena, Rachel McFadyen, Sally Allan, Shane Campbell
Michael Day,Muhammad Ali,Adusumilli Narayana Rao,Alec McClay,Ali Ahsan Bajwa,Amalia Belgeri,Andrew McConnachie,Bharat B. Shrestha,Boyang Shi,IanA.W. Macdonald,Lorrain,Naeem Khan,Nimal Chandrasena,Rachel McFadyen,Sally Allan,Shane Campbell

Parthenium Weed

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This book explores the most important aspects of the biology, ecology and management of what is one of the world's worst weeds. Originally regarded as a major weed in Australia and India, Parthenium weed is now widespread in around 48 countries in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, and has the potential to spread to new countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. This book, which is a collective effort by 27 members of the International Parthenium Weed Network, addresses research and knowledge gaps for different countries. It examines the weed's mode of spread, its impact on agricultural production, its effect on the environment and on human health, and its management using biological control, as well as cultural, physical and chemical approaches. It also considers the coordination of the weed's management, possible uses for Parthenium weed, its present distribution and how this is impacted by climate change. This book includes:

A detailed analysis of Parthenium weed biology.
Experiences with Parthenium weed worldwide.
An explanation of practical management options.

This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in universities and institutes, in the fields of plant ecology, botany, agriculture, conservation and restoration ecology.
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