Adrienne Basso

His Noble Promise

Against the dazzling backdrop of Regency England, Adrienne Basso weaves a sensuous, enthralling tale of love and loyalty, regret and revenge. . .
His Greatest Surprise
Mistaking Anne Paget, a beautiful artist, for her sister Nicole, an adventuress who has stolen his nephew's heart, Richard Cameron, Earl of Mulgrave, receives the shock of his life when he meets the woman in question. For she is nothing like he's imagined. . .and everything he's ever wanted.
His Deepest Desire
From the moment she sees the darkly handsome Earl, Anne Paget longs to paint him. But Anne doesn't realize that Richard believes she is her younger sister. . .until he unwittingly leads her into a compromising situation that threatens her reputation.
His Noble Promise
With her own ideas of honor--and dreams for the future, which do not include marriage--Anne is determined to refuse every one of Richard's proposals. Yet as each day passes, she finds herself drawn to his gentle persistence. . .tempted by nights of reckless abandon. . .and enticed by the promise of a love that will last forever.
119,000 Words
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    He pressed a kiss against her damp temple and she nuzzled her chin against his jaw.
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