CJ Edwards

Wife's Bukkake Shower

Suzi tries a bukkake party — as the only woman!

#5 in the Wife Sharing Series

Wife's Bukkake Shower continues the tale of Suzi, an ordinary housewife who nearly lost her husband through being boring in the bedroom and decided to do something about it. In this story, she is taken by her loving husband to a sex club, where she has several adventures, including her first bukkake.

This is an explicit erotic tale which appeals to both sexes but as you might expect, it has detailed descriptions of many sexual activities. If that sort of stuff offends you, please do not read it!
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Erotic Dreams
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    They were greeted by a hostess, who hugged them both and kissed them on the cheeks. After confirming their membership and picking up complementary towels, they joined a tour of the club. After touring a luxurious bar and lounge area, they were taken through the play areas. There was a steam room, a sauna, a gigantic spa and a swimming pool. People were mostly naked and pretty uninhibited around each other, they noted. Then the play rooms. There were dungeons, ‘soft play rooms, two fantasy rooms and more. And then ‘the arena.’ This was basically another play room but about four

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