Lorenzo Cintolesi Galmez

Marital Sexuality. Relationship with God and the Holy Father

The married couple has the privilege of being co-creator with God, to have children hand in hand with God, and to transmit his life. Something that is highlighted in the encyclical humanae Vitae is: “the serious duty of transmitting human life has always been for the couple, as free and responsible collaborators of God the Creator”. his holiness paul Vi speaks of “serious duty” because of the huge importance that entails the wonderful mission of having children. however, it must be done in an atmosphere of responsible parenting. in the task of regulating each conception and the responsibility that has to do with answering and addressing the needs of another. on the one hand, the needs of the unborn child, in addition to that of those already born, plus the ability of parents to develop their parenting in all of its capacity and finally Gods needs to transcend within humanity.
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