Markus Heinrich Rehbach

Optimal English

The 'Phrasal-Syntax' approach to teaching and learning English as a Second Language is informed by an understanding of how the 'English' language has evolved over the last two thousand years. This book first offers a brief description of the evolution of the 'English' language. It then offers ideas that can be immediately put into practice in the classroom. Included are fun activities for classes of all ages. The author has spent decades teaching English as a Second Language in Australia, England, Poland, Germany, South Korea, and Russia. You can read about my experiences in my other TROONATNOOR books.This book provides a great brief overview of the evolution of the language which we today call English. It also provides a great short course in linguistics to show how languages have evolved in general. The aim of the author is not the monetization of his insights, but the promotion of a vision where the entire world shares one language in common, and the optimal system for learning and teaching it, both to adults and children.
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