John Johnson

Brothers of the Blade

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The Byzantine Empire, one person’s past, another’s present, and still another’s future. He came like a thunderclap into this golden kingdom. Woden, the warrior from the land of the steppe, one whose very name carried with it the stories of glorious battle, came into this world with a lust for blood and high adventure. This godless man who feared nothing, and wanted nothing, left something to this ever changing world…two sons.
One was born within the wealth and privilege of the Byzantine Empire, another outside the empire, within a primitive forest world of farmers, hunters, and simple industries. And much like their father, they learn that life is confrontation and violence. And in the midst of this deceit, lies, manipulation, clever philosophies, brutal force, chaos and fear they must find their birthright of strength if they are to survive, to conquer, and to endure a life beyond their doorway to manhood.

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