Becky Lee Weyrich

Captive of Desire

In ancient Crete, one woman’s beauty and spirit will outmatch those who try to tame her in this thrilling historical romance from “a master storyteller” (Romantic Times).
When beautiful Zephromae watched her brother get taken away as a tribute slave, she knew she must rescue him. Her childhood sweetheart, the noble and courageous Alexander, followed to protect her. But he couldn’t save her from a ruthless king, the lust of a savage prince, or the fury of a spiteful queen who had power over them all.
But Zephromae possessed a secret strength that no one could have possibly imagined—and she would not hesitate to use it. Set in Crete in the heart of the Minoan culture, Captive of Desire sweeps the reader into an ancient world of adventure and romance.
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