Essential Russian Grammar, Brian Kemple
Brian Kemple

Essential Russian Grammar

Designed for adults with limited learning time, this concise and easy-to-use guide enables language students to grasp the fundamentals of Russian quickly and easily. Focusing on the grammar needed to speak and understand the language, the text emphasizes comprehension rather than memorization of grammatical constructions.Author Brian Kemple uses an efficient and systematic approach to instructing students in the use of all the grammar that's needed for everyday speech and comprehension. Simple phrases are accompanied by clear explanations of parts of speech, use of the comparative and superlative degrees, word order, pronunciation, negation and more. A useful section of practical phrases and a glossary of grammatical terms round out this excellent, inexpensive guide.Perfect for independent study or as an adjunct to a language course, Essential Russian Grammar is ideal for students, business people, tourists or anyone planning to visit Russia.
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Farid Rahimov
Farid Rahimovalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
The accusative is also used after the prepositions в (“to, into”; во before certain double consonants) and на (“on, to”) when they indicate motion:

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