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Owain Service,Rory Gallagher

Think Small

  • Zengani Mhangobir izlenim paylaşıldı7 ay önce
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    This is actually quite a good book.

    If you're trying to make a full proof plan to achieve a goal, whatever that goal maybe and I mean that, "WHATEVER"

    It's a great book, I personally feel it lacked with the depth of examples on "HOW" to do these things.

    They explained a lot of stuff and it was good but I've left the book feeling like I have full confidence that I will forget how to put a step in place properly.

    The illustration used is these 7 pillars are like scaffolding but they can be quite loose.

    I'm probably going onto Google or YouTube to have an easier breakdown that allows me to establish some of the pillars better.

    So out of 10, I'll give it a 7.8.

  • Hamza iqbalbir izlenim paylaşıldı9 ay önce
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    It's interesting

  • mddndrfsbir izlenim paylaşıldı6 ay önce
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    .....☆☆mm#lk lD ĝfm

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  • Vitalybir izlenim paylaşıldı5 yıl önce
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    A well-done guide, but if you find the golden rules in 2d appendix easy to understand, then you are all good and can skip this one.

  • bhatiajyotikabir izlenim paylaşıldı3 ay önce
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