Armani Murphy

Small Business

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Do you have a business idea that you want to make into a reality? Struggling with achieving your startup goals? Are you ready to discover what it takes to achieve any entrepreneurial dream?
Thousands of people start a small business each year. But only 80% of those small businesses make it in their first year. Out of that 80% of successful small businesses who managed to endure an entire year of being open, another 50% will close their doors within the first five years. That means only 50% of small businesses ever started actually succeed. So, how do you take your great business idea and make it a reality? How do you REALLY achieve your dreams and make sure you are guaranteed to be a success?
The way to the top is to practice these easy to learn beginner business principles that help you become a successful entrepreneur in the long run. If you can learn and establish these successful methods right out of the gate, then you have a higher percentage of becoming a long-time business owner. It’s all about making that first year of business count for your benefit to ensure a lifetime of success. And that's what you'll learn in Small Business: A Beginner's Guide to A Lean Startup, Turning Vision Into Reality, and Achieving the Entrepreneurial Dream.
DOWNLOAD: Small Business: A Beginner's Guide To A Lean Startup, Turning Vision Into Reality, and Achieving the Entrepreneurial Dream
The point of this book is straightforward: We will teach you the tools you’ll need to become a highly successful entrepreneur by introducing you to top-performing principles that are easy to learn and follow right away. .
You will discover:
·         What Is A Lean Startup And How You Can Use This Principle To Your Advantage
·         How Vision Boards Actually Work
·         Making The Business Plan Work For You
·         The Importance Of Having Precise Goals
·         How To Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Even More Achievable
It is possible to become a successful entrepreneur from the get go.. All you have to learn first is the key to what it takes to be successful by using a lean startup. These are basic principles that will help you achieve your wildest entrepreneurial dreams from first doing them before you even turn on the open sign at your shop. All your friends are going to want to know what you did to become so successful right away when most small businesses fail.
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    pucit53bir izlenim paylaşıldı2 yıl önce

    It is really a good and understandable piece of well written book for small business startups. I really like to learn about lean startup and vision theory. I recommend this book for new entrepreneurs.

    hkmmasibir izlenim paylaşıldıgeçen yıl
    👍Okumaya değer

    The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess and don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That’s your job. And that’s all you have to do.” -Dr. Joe Vitale

    muhammadatif321bir izlenim paylaşıldı2 yıl önce
    👍Okumaya değer

    Define you’re about to head out on a journey unlike anything you’ve ever known before. There is nothing more self-fulfilling than being your own boss. What are you waiting for? It’s time to dive deep and discover the real keys to success when first beginning a small business. The key to any small business is a lean startup.


    hkmmasialıntı yaptıgeçen yıl
    One of the marks of successful people is they are action oriented. One of the marks of average people is they are talk oriented.” – Brian Tracy
    Habibur Rahmanalıntı yaptı2 yıl önce
    In order to make a vision board really work, you need to look at it, feel the wonderful feelings of already achieving everything you desire now, and then take those feelings with you throughout the rest of the day.
    Habibur Rahmanalıntı yaptı2 yıl önce
    “What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone. Know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.” – Dave Thomas
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