Fay Weldon

Down Among the Women

'She's a queen of words' CAITLIN MORAN.

Down among the women. What a place to be!

In the Fifties, women were looked after by nice, breadwinning men: or so went the myth. Eighteen-year-old unmarried mother Scarlet, a lost child recovering from her first abortion, looks at the world with her friends and begins to see the truth.

An icily funny account of a dawning feminist sensibility in a world where the romantic ideal of love and domesticity ruled.

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Head of Zeus



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    cannot bear to wake up another morning, knowing that the day will hold no pleasure, only pain,’ says Helen, ‘and that the next day when I wake it will be just the same, except I will be a little older, a little further down the path I am now obliged to travel. I can look back over my shoulder, but that is all. I cannot turn, and go back the way I came, which was through green grass and flowers, bright days, and black nights with brilliant stars. I want to finish now, sit down and fall asleep, while these good things can still at least be seen when I look back. Soon I will have travelled so far they will have faded altogether.’

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    Head of Zeus (HoZ)
    Head of Zeus
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