Ben Bova

Voyagers III

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An alien is unleashed in the final novel of the first contact Voyagers trilogy from the New York Times–bestselling author of Mars.
Dr. Keith Stoner—former astronaut and astrophysicist—has been awake for the last fifteen years, after being held in suspended animation since first contact with an alien starship.
Now Keith is married to Jo Camerata, the head of Vanguard Industries, which recovered the alien ship and reaped the benefits of the incredible technology on board. But their happiness will not last.
Keith is the only man to have survived cryonic freezing. Deep inside the recesses of his mind, an alien presence exists. It may be the secret to immortality. Or it may be humanity’s destruction, when it becomes free of its confines and sets out to explore our world, letting nothing stand in its way . . .
“Bova’s conclusion to his Voyagers trilogy offers fast-paced action for fans of hard-core SF adventure.” —Library Journal
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