Borin Van Loon,Vinay Lal

Introducing Hinduism

“Introducing Hinduism” offers a guide to the key philosophical, literary, mythological and cultural traditions of this extraordinarily diverse faith. It untangles the complexities of Hinduism's gods and goddesses, its caste system and its views on sex, everyday life and asceticism. This work answers questions including: Why do Hindus revere the cow? Must Hindus be vegetarian? And much more…
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    The indigenous people are seen as possibly matriarchal and “softer” in their approach to life. The Aryans are viewed instead as patriarchal and more inclined to prize masculinity.
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    Cyberspace and Hinduism appear to have been made for each other. Both are decentred, polyphonic and polymorphous. The web is just as hard to regulate as Hinduism, which has no founder, no supreme doctrinal authority, no precise place of origin
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    At his prayer meetings, Gandhi read passages from the Gita, the Quran and the Bible. Syncretism, multiculturalism and pluralism are among the many words used to describe his religious outlook

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