David Foster Wallace

The Drug Addiction Recovery Guide

You’re about to discover what causes drug addiction, and the best methods for overcoming it.
This book covers the root causes of drug addiction, how to seek professional help, how to create a support group and how to avoid relapse.
Drug addiction takes many lives around the world each year, and wrecks those of families and friends effected by the addict. Addiction can be complicated, but with the right help it can be beaten.
No matter what drug it is you're addicted to, the principles in this book will apply universally. Whether you personally have a drug addiction, or a family member or friend is afflicted, this book will have something to offer you.
You'll learn to better understand drug addiction and will be provided with a range of suitable treatment options that you can take.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

What's causing the addiction
Taking the first step
Seeking help
Treatment options
Activities over addiction
Ending addiction for life
Much, much more!
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