J.R.,John Johnson

Unarmed, Unarmored and Unescorted: A World War 2 C-47 Airborne Troop Carrier Pilot Remembers

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Merriam Press Aviation History No. 4. First eBook Edition, 2016. Detailed account by a C-47 pilot who flew over the skies of Europe, delivering men and materiel where it was needed. Went through pilot training, and airborne operations flight training with 27th Troop Carrier Sqdn., 10th Troop Carrier Grp. and assignment to 49th TCS, 313th TCW, training in Sicily late 1943. Assigned to the 36th TCS, 316th TCG, November 1943, for Normandy invasion, and Allied advance across Europe. Trained for Operation Market Garden, dropping 82nd Airborne Division. Shot down during this mission he became a POW. Detailing his life as a POW, from capture and interrogation to life in Stalag Luft 1A, through liberation, Johnson includes details of what it was like back home for his family, particularly after he was listed as MIA, including his parents' efforts at trying to get more details from politicians, the Army and members of his unit in England. 35 images.
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