Sleeping Policemen, Dale Bailey, Jack Slay Jr.
Dale Bailey,Jack Slay Jr.

Sleeping Policemen

A late-night joyride takes a sharp turn into nightmare territory when a group of college students tries to cover up a crime of carelessness

A moment of inattention on a winding roadway in the Smoky Mountains leaves a stranger dead and his accidental killers at the mercy of a possible witness. Finney Durant, Nick Laymon, and Reed Tucker are desperate not to be linked to the crime. Finney and Tucker insist on hiding the corpse, and Nick, hard up for money, takes the man’s cash. But the hit-and-run is just the beginning of their problems once they use a key found in the victim’s pocket to open a bus locker—and find a videotape that opens an ever-widening doorway into horror.
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