Laura Lovecraft

Every Mom Should Do Her Son

Becky and Cynthia have been friends since back in school; so when Cynthia and her son Tommy need a place to stay, it’s not even a question that she can stay with Becky and her son Jon. Back in the day, the two of them had been pretty wild, and Becky didn't think anything Cynthia could do would ever shock her. That all changed the day Becky came home early, and saw Cynthia having sex with her son Tommy.
At first she was appalled, but also strangely turned on by the taboo act. So turned on that, later that day, Becky has a dream of having sex with Jon. Later, when she confronts her friend, Cynthia explains how hot it is. She tells Becky that she feels all sons secretly desire their mothers, and it doesn't take much for them to see their mother as a sexual woman and not a parent.
Becky doesn't believe her, but agrees to put it to the test, and begins teasing Jon by showing off more of her body than usual. To her surprise, not only does Jon seem interested, but Becky is turned on by his interest. Soon thought becomes seduction, and Becky learns that her friend Cynthia was right; every mother should do their son!
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