David Dodge

To Catch a Thief

The classic mystery that inspired the Academy Award-winning film by Alfred Hitchcock.
“Le Chat” is a legend.  He is a mystery.  He is a jewel thief, famous and elusive for being able to swipe anything and get away clean.  He is John Robie, retired and living a quiet life, tending his rose garden in the South of France.
But his retirement plans are thrown for a loop when a series of robberies too closely resemble the work of “Le Chat,” and the police start digging into Robie’s past.  To keep himself free, and with the help of an equally mysterious young woman, John Robie will have to catch the true thief, before the police catch him.
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  • Natalia Rybakovaalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
    followed her away
  • Natalia Rybakovaalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
    With no money, and no brains either, he isn’t much of a catch.
  • Natalia Rybakovaalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
    expensively gowned women

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