Daisy Rose

Punished In Public

When Katrina is accused of
stealing from her workplace, she immediately denies it. She has never stolen
anything in her life. What can she do when the two aggressive black men find
proof and decide to punish her themselves?

The aching tension between
them builds as the men put her through unusual punishments, agile fingers
fondling and touching her until she is lost to the heat of their caresses and
surrenders completely.

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Inwardly, Carl grinned.

He had her exactly where he wanted her: At his mercy.

He watched with quiet delight
as Katrina's pretty young face turned crimson. She was so easy to toy with. She
stood there, blue eyes wide and round, mouth agape, confusion all over her expression.

Her breath came in short
gasps, lifting her perfect breasts.

“I didn't steal that!”
she gasped.

“The proof is literally
in my hands,” he said. He had been watching her since the first day she
showed up on his doors and coveted her the entire time. He yearned to bend her over his knee and spank her. It had to happen sooner or later, and today was finally the day.

He came up with the plan to finally get her where he wanted her. It came to him when he was doing the books
and realized there was money missing. Not a lot. A ten dollar bill here or there every month.

He suspected Dexter first. After
all, his old friend had only got out of prison two year ago from robbing a grocery store.

Dexter admitted to skimming
money from the cashier when Katrina was entertaining customers almost
immediately. He didn't see what the problem was since the store was bringing in tens of thousands.

Carl didn't mind covering the losses, but he formed a plan then. If he could accuse Katrina of doing what his friend had been doing, he would be able to convince the innocent young woman to do what he wanted.

The only downside to his plan
was that he had to get Dexter involved. He would much rather have Katrina all to himself, but needed Dexter to slip the perfume into her bag when she was
busy tending to customers. He was also the one who slid the wad of cash into
her bag.

“Why don't you just
admit it?” she said. “This will go easier for you if you do.”

“I didn't steal any of this!” she said.

“Is there anything else
on your body?” he asked.

Her eyes widened even more
and she looked thoroughly horrified. Instinctively, her arms wrapped around
herself for protection, but there was no need for him to pry her arms open. He was going to make her give up.

“I'm going to need to search you,” he said.
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