Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren – Volume 2, Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho

Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren – Volume 2

“Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren” is a stroll through the universal traditions and legends, lulled by the unforgettable magic words “Once upon a time…”
This book by Paulo Coelho contains joyful, amazing and dramatic stories for readers of all ages. Most of them recount traditional legends and tales from many cultures. Included are also stories inspired by the author’s personal experience and episodes from the lives of celebrated names, as means of reflection.
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Артем Малахивский
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it is often necessary to place spiritual suffering on a physical plane in order for us to see the evil that it causes
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Sometimes the world asks us to fight for things we do not understand and whose significance we will never discover.

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