Rexanne Becnel

The Mistress of Rosecliffe

A rogue knight vows to avenge the Welsh people and reclaim his birthright by seizing the lord of Rosecliffe’s castle—and his beautiful daughter
When she refuses to accompany her family to London for the new king’s coronation—and to accept an unwelcome offer of marriage—Isolde FitzHugh knows she’s merely putting off the inevitable. But for now the eldest daughter of a Welsh patriot and an English nobleman revels in her temporary freedom. In the village, she spies a bearded, dark-haired stranger and feels an unexpected surge of desire. But the man who seduces her in the dead of night is no wandering minstrel. He is her family’s most treacherous foe.
Banished from his homeland and forced to learn the hated English ways, Rhys ap Owain has waited twenty years to set foot on Welsh soil again. Taking the innocence of his enemy’s daughter will strike a mortal blow to the traitorous FitzHughs and be the first step toward avenging his murdered father. Isolde will be the instrument of his retribution, his hostage in the kingdom that was stolen from his people—but he never dreams that she will awaken within him a love more powerful than hate.
The Mistress of Rosecliffe is the 3rd book in the Rosecliffe Trilogy, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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