Holy Death, Smith Anthony
Smith Anthony

Holy Death

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Billy Lafitte is back…
Back from the brink of death.
Back on the Gulf Coast, his home stomping grounds, looking to reunite with his beloved one last time.
Back in the sights of DeVaughn Lagrenade, a former gangbanger whose brother was gunned down by Lafitte and his partner during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Back in the mind of his biggest nemesis, Franklin Rome, who swings into Lafitte's orbit in a most unusual way.
Throw in a wild-eyed waitress looking for some violent kicks, an ambitious FBI agent slithering up the administrative ladder, a wannabe bad boy on Lafitte's tail with a young psychopath in the passenger seat, and you've got the makings of a rumble that only a prayer to Santa Muerte might help Billy survive.
Cult crime-novelist Anthony Neil Smith is like a modern-day Charles Willeford. He doesn't just step over “the line,” but drag-races past it and keeps on going. With this fourth novel in the Billy Lafitte series, Smith raises the stakes once again for his damaged ex-cop turned stone-cold killer. You'll root for Lafitte all the way, and wish you hadn't, and hope to hell he survives so you can do it all again.
Anthony Neil Smith is the author of Yellow Medicine, Hogdoggin’ and The Baddest Ass—the first three Lafitte novels—along with All The Young Warriors, Worm and more. He is the Chair of English at Southwest Minnesota State University.
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