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The Tantra Experience

This life is a gift from existence, to be lived and enjoyed. But with the seemingly impossible and conflicting demands of society, morality and culture, people struggle with feelings of unfulfilled potential, frustration and guilt, rather than living full lives.The world of Tantra has no division between higher and lower. The simple, ordinary, things of life are transformed into great things when we enter into them totally – be it car fixing, floor cleaning or lovemaking. Osho shows how, living this vision, new heights of consciousness and freedom are realized.«The days of tantra are coming. Sooner or later tantra will explode for the first time in the masses, because for the first time the time is ripe — ripe to take sex naturally. One thing to be remembered always: if you are not very alert you may go on believing that you are moving into tantra, and you may be simply rationalizing your sexuality — it may be nothing but sex, rationalized in the terminology of tantra. If you move into sex with awareness, it can turn into tantra. If you move into tantra with unawareness, it can fall and become ordinary sex.´
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Nurlan Süleymanov
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one has to learn the language of love, the language of silence, the language of each other’s presence, the language of the heart, the language of the guts.
Nurlan Süleymanov
Nurlan Süleymanov alıntı yaptı9 ay önce
You may call it bad, you may call it names; it doesn’t make any difference. How can you destroy it? You never created it. You have simply found it; it was given. Anger is there, sex is there, greed is there; you have not created them; they are given facts of life, just like your eyes and your hands. You can call them names, you can call them ugly or beautiful or whatsoever you like, but you cannot kill them.
Katrine Esbjerg Rydahl
Katrine Esbjerg Rydahlalıntı yaptıgeçen yıl
The third thing to be remembered about Tantra: it says the more cultured, the more civilized a person, the less is the possibility of his tantric transformation. The less civilized, the more primitive, the more alive a person is. The more you

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