Holger Weßling

Impossible Mission I & II – The Official Guide

The iconic Impossible Mission games by Epyx Inc. enthralled a generation, pitting the player’s wits against the diabolic genius of the mad scientist Elvin Atombender in a race against time to save the world! Now in this official guide to Impossible Mission I and II we get the chance to hear from some of the people who both created and brought the games to market such as: Dennis Casswell, Chris Crigg, Peter Filiberti, Mihaly Kenczler and many more. This definitive work contains dozens of chapters, from the history of Epyx the company, the various versions and ports over the years, the in-game music, the ground-breaking synthesized speech, to extensive hints, tips and walkthroughs.

Written by established retro computer writer Holger Weßling, and with a foreword by Darren Melbourne who has been associated with many of the games’ incarnations.
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Andrews UK, Acorn Books



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