Pamela Sargent

Climb the Wind

Native Americans win the battle for the post–Civil War American West in a fascinating alternate history fantasy from “one of the genre’s best writers” (The Washington Post).
Nebula and Locus Award–winning author Pamela Sargent “loads her Springfield and heads into the post–Civil War era with a rousing tale of what might have happened had the Indians united against white encroachment. If Harry Turtledove has been driving the Alternate America stage, Pamela is now riding shotgun” (Jack McDevitt).
In a different nineteenth-century version of America, after the end of the White Man’s Civil War, the victorious North sets its sights on westward expansion. But their army is greatly depleted after years of bloody conflict. And their Native American adversaries are ready . . . and waiting.
As the visionary Lakota chief, Touch-the-Clouds, cements the necessary alliances with once rival tribes, two separate worlds brace for the inevitable confrontation to come. Lemuel Rowland, a US government official and full-blood Seneca Indian, has lived among the white man for most of his life. Now the approaching storm threatens to destroy everything he believes in. Torn between the culture he’s embraced and his true heritage, Lemuel has been entrusted with a grave responsibility and knows he must prove his loyalty. But to which side?
Populated by a large and colorful cast of unforgettable characters—including Sitting Bull, Chief Crazy Horse, Calamity Jane, and other real-life personages—Climb the Wind is a “most enjoyable and entertaining new alternate history adventure which . . . brings a new dimension to the form” (Gahan Wilson).
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