Angela Goodnight,Peter Stone

Angela's Famous Sexual Adventures Volume Two: Exciting, Explicit, Erotic True Short Stories of Love, Sex, Passion, Romance and Lovemaking

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Angela Goodnight and Peter Stone have produced a second volume of true stories of love, romance, sex and lovemaking. They were teenage lovers in the sixties, but separated by circumstances, not finding each other again until 45 years later. During that period they both had many sexual partners and took part in orgies, wild parties and unconventual relationships. This collection of stories provides more of their sexual adventures which they decided to write after they found each other again and married. Many of these stories are romantic, humorous, emotional and filled with love. Most are also sexually explicit and this book is strictly for over eighteens. The stories are short and are best enjoyed at twilight between going to bed and falling asleep. The authors claim that writing the stories has made them extremely horny – reading them could cause the same effect so will further brighten your night!
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