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Samantha LaCroix

Family Incest Bundle #12

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Hot daddies take tight virgins!
I'll bet I know what you want! You want hot little virgin tramps taking their daddy's big loads, don't you? Well,
these sexy stories have all that and more!
What are you waiting for?
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Caleb is lying down on the couch,
watching dully at the movie playing on the TV. He can't concentrate on it,
though. Lily, his 18-year old daughter, is at home studying. It's all he can do not to stare as she walks by him in the house.

Lily lifts her head up from her boring old school work and looks over at her daddy Caleb. Her eyes slowly
travel his body, taking in his broad shoulders, his strong chest.

Lily's a virgin, which means she's
never even kissed another guy before. But she's had dreams. Dreams that involve
her letting a man enter her, fill her with his big shaft, and bang her until
she comes over and over from it. And just before she wakes up, she looks in this
dream man's face and it always turns out to be her daddy.

Every time.

Lately, all Caleb has been able to think about is Lily. Her perfect body, her beautiful round bottom and pert
little breasts. All he wants is just to bang the daylights out of her and pump
her full, plant a baby into her, making her pregnant.

Caleb gets up and stretches. He's
feeling restless. He's been thinking that maybe he and Lily can watch a movie
later. So he goes over to the DVD shelf and looks through it.

“Hey honey!” he calls out,
and Lily lifts her head. “Come here, help me choose a movie we can watch

Lily gets up, stretching as well,
and comes over to join her daddy. They stand side by side, looking through the

“Hmm, we've seen all of these,” he says.

“That's why we have them,”
Lily jokes, and Caleb wraps an arm around her, pulling her into a small hug.

Lily's heart skips a beat and she freezes. Down
between her legs she feels a warmth, and a dampness. Even though she's never
had sex, at 18, she feels now like maybe she'd like to. Caleb, too, seems to have stopped looking for a movie. They both turn their heads, looking at one
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