Laura Lovecraft

Mom Will Do Anything--Even Her Son

Since his father passed away, Ryan’s mother, Vicky has done everything she could to support him and his sisters. But the mortgage is past due and the bills are piling up. In desperation, his mother decides to ask Ryan's estranged uncle for money. Ryan's not happy because his uncle, porn director Malcolm Stone, is as twisted as his movies, once offering Ryan's father money to have sex with his Vicky.
But Vicky will do anything to save their home and keep him in college, and goes to meet his uncle. Concerned Stone will want his mother to do something sleazy for the money, Ryan comes with her. Turns out Ryan was right; Uncle will help them, but for a price. That price is the fulfillment of his uncle's most taboo fantasy. To not only watch a mother have hardcore sex with her son, but to be able to film it. Ryan is appalled and tries to say no, but he doesn't have a choice because his mother will do anything for her family…even her son!
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