Elizabeth Gilbert

The Signature of All Things

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From the moment Alma Whittaker steps into the world, everything about life intrigues her. Instilled with an unquenchable sense of wonder by her father, a botanical explorer and the richest man in the New World, Alma is raised in a house of luxury and curiosity. It is not long before she becomes a gifted botanist in her own right. But as she flourishes and her research takes her deeper into the mysteries of evolution, the man she comes to love draws her in the opposite direction — into the realm of the spiritual, the divine and the magical.
The Signature of All Things soars across the globe of the nineteenth century, from London and Peru, to Philadelphia, Tahiti and beyond. Peopled with extraordinary characters along the way, most of all it has an unforgettable heroine in Alma Whittaker.
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Testee 156
Testee 156bir izlenim paylaşıldı5 yıl önce

Super cool

MMbir izlenim paylaşıldıgeçen yıl
💡Çok Şey Öğrendim

Compelling detail and research on botany but characters and their melodramas were in poor taste.

Kate Lagunova
Kate Lagunovabir izlenim paylaşıldı4 yıl önce
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This is marvelous piece for no doubts I much enjoyed every page of it. This is true guide for my never satisfied and ever curious inner beast. I will highly recommend it for those who still seeking some answers about ones origin.


Nadezhda Pirogova
Nadezhda Pirogovaalıntı yaptı5 yıl önce
Moreover, he had learned that silence can sometimes relax a listener into thinking that one might be intelligent.
Tatyana Strashnenko
Tatyana Strashnenkoalıntı yaptı5 ay önce
“At no moment in history has a bright young girl with plenty of food and a good constitution perished from too much learning.”
Valerie Seredynska
Valerie Seredynskaalıntı yaptı9 ay önce
“Then I shall tell you, Miss Whittaker,” he said. “I would like never to travel again. I would like to spend the rest of my days in a place so silent—and working at a pace so slow—that I would be able to hear myself living.”

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