Nani Bath

From India to India

Tracing the migratory history of once-tribal communities, the Chakmas and Hajongs, of undivided India, who had to be included in Bangladesh and who migrated back to India because of some abnormal historical circumstances, the book presents the citizenship status, political participation, and human rights situa— tion of these communities.

The book begins with an understanding of the concepts of refugee, indigenous people, and citizenship. It discusses the context, political or strategic, under which the refugees from Bangladesh were settled in an otherwise protected frontier, protected legally and historically.Towards the end of the book, different models for solutions, suggested by different committees, have been presented. It aims to find a democratic solution to the protracted issue and ignite the minds of all stakeholders, including the host communities.Since the book is mostly based on primary sources, it will remain a helpful resource for scholars and students of human rights, politics, International relations, sociology, anthropology, history, and tribal studies.
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