God Is Not Dead, Amit Goswami
Amit Goswami

God Is Not Dead

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Move over, Richard Hawkins and Christopher Hitchens – a highly regarded nuclear physicist enters the debate about the existence of God – and comes down on the side of the angels. Goswami's hypothesis is that quantum physics holds the key to all the unsolved mysteries of biology – the nature and origin of life, fossil gaps of evolution, why evolution proceeds from simple to complex and why biological beings have feeling and consciousness. In GOD IS NOT DEAD, Goswami moves beyond theory and shows how a God-based science puts ethics and values where it belongs: at the centre of our lives and societies. He provides a scientific model that steers between scientific materialism and religious fundamentalism; a model that has implications for how we live both individually and collectively. GOD IS NOT DEAD is a fascinating tour of quantum physics, consciousness and the existence and experience of God. "e;For anyone grappling with the interrelationship of mind, matter, and divinity, this book will offer much new food for thought."e; -Beverly Rubik, PhD, biophysicist, Institute for Frontier Science Adjunct Professor, Saybrook
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Juliette Stewart
Juliette Stewartalıntı yaptı6 yıl önce
the belief was that such quantum signatures occur only in the submicroscopic world of matter and somehow are not important for the macro
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